What is Vision Zero?

Vision Zero is a multi-national road traffic safety project that aims to achieve a highway system with no fatalities or serious injuries involving road traffic.

Vision Zero is based on an underlying ethical principle that „it can never be ethically acceptable that people are killed or seriously injured when moving within the road transport system.“ As an ethics-based approach, Vision Zero functions to guide strategy selection and not to set particular goals or targets. In most road transport systems, road users bear complete responsibility for safety. Vision Zero changes this relationship by emphasizing that responsibility is shared by transportation system designers and road users. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


We believe that by using the benefits of Virtual Reality all drivers can be trained and it is possible to achieve the VISION ZERO. By providing risk-free training technology and coaching sessions with partners, national road safety organizations, national clubs or driving schools this ambitious goal can be achieved.

Autonomous cars will be one key technology, we would like to support, but at the beginning not in every region in the world, these technology is accessible. Therefore, the training of drivers is an important task in every society, because every road traffic death is one too much.

This world map shows the size of the problem and where our technology is needed. If you want to support the initiative, please contact us (martin.wagner@nekonata.at)