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Lecatex enhances the customer experience by showing photorealistic views of the individual vehicle environments. We optimize the brand story of your vehicle by creating your individual virtual environment, for instance an offroad vehicle parcours for your SUV, an urban test driving experience for your city cars or a motorway for your sports car. Combined with our hardware kit, these immersive experience take place on the driving seat in a parked position. In addition, the diverse vehicle specifications (f.ex. driving physics, driving dynamics, skid behaviour, etc.) are transferred into the virtual environment. These highly emotional customer experiences supports you in the field of customer acquisition including a database of customer leads and gives your brand an outstanding image as an innovation leader.


Due to a project with a famous Austrian car retailer (Mercedes Benz Austria Member) we figured out that there are many challenges for sales managers to inform the potential customer over the cars real value, differences to other options in the car market or to stay in contact after talking on trade fairs and showrooms.


Why don’t we are using our technical expertise to bring more efficiency into the selling process?


We use the already existing basis of our self-developed virtual reality technology to provide photorealistic test drives in real cars by using a flexible sensor system. By designing individual storylines, we assure an overwhelming experience. The tailor made environments with diverse input methods (f.ex. camera data), we assure a high conversion rate and an unique brand experience.



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