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By hand picking UVTK modules Nekonata created its first productline for the railway transport industy.


Tramenex gives you a low cost training for locomotive drivers and stakeholders involved in the railway transportation system. Especially with a continuous automation train operations, train drivers have to equipped with the right skill set in case of emergency and non-standard scenarios. Diverse scenarios and interior settings make an unique training experience and allow to create a deep dive into the daily rail challenges of a train driver.


Detailed Assets

  • Accurate Train Physics and Dynamics
  • Local Track Network
  • Holisitc Field Of View Using Mixed Reality

All our solutions are supported by the Nekonata Sensor System, allowing to integrate hardware in the simulation process.


A lot of loss tacit operational know-how occur in the next years. Furthermore the train systems get technically more complex and education curricula have to be adapted to the needs of the new workforce.

Train drivers have basically two opportunities to overcome this challenges.

Following a „learning by doing „approach or use old fashioned training technology to equip their workforce with a partly outdated know-how. In addition, the high complex legal operation framework (European Trains System) is challenging  the train drivers and its infrastructure.


Using the Tramenex micro-toolkit, a completely new approach of training in local environments is possible. We assure perfect conditions for a high-quality train driver education and compliance with operation law by the European Union (f.ex. new devices or operational guidelines). By means of our designed sensor system, Tramenex can be used for any type of train. Our technology basis (sensor system & software kit) assures a new education approach for sustainable and well educated professionals on rails.

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