By hand picking UVTK modules Nekonata created its first productline for autonomous vehicle development.


Solotex allows to create XR simulation supporting the product development cycle of autonomous vehicles and its infrastructure. Its new approach considering the human factor allows to establish a unique testing setup for OEM’s and R&D Centers. Due to the UVTK’s universal interface our system can be made compatible with diverse autonomous vehicle software providers. By building custom environments considering its special conditions needed for an accurate testing field, Solotex, furthermore, enables to integrate the irrationality of human driving behaviors.


All our solutions are supported by the Nekonata XSensor System, allowing to integrate hardware in the simulation process.

Build for People

Considering human factor on a new level

Handmade and Unique

Individual and accurate environment creation

Efficient and effective

Cost reduction due to faster trial and error process

Realism and Costs

As fast and cost efficient testing of autonomous vehicles gets more important every day, the possibilities for R&D centres are limited on account of legal restrictions and high costs. Furthermore, one of the biggest challenges for autonomous driving vehicles will be mixed traffic (autonomous vehicles + human drivers). Currently, the human factor and the irrationality of peoples individual behavings is hardly taken into account due to a lack of useful simulation tools.

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A hollistic VR approach

Using the SOLOTEX Micro-Toolkit, completely new approaches of mixed traffic szenarios testing are possible. Our software was designed to be compatible with different systems, thus makes it possible to use it as an add-on when it comes to human factor challenges. With the Nekonata Sensor System, we bring real drivers, while driving in a simulator (using real parked cars) into the virtual test area and challenge the autonomous vehicles algorhithm by complex driving behaviors.