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Universal Vehicle Training Kit

The Universal Vehicle Training Kit (UVTK) is a modular software framework helping our customers to create highly efficient XR simulation while focusing on driver training and autonomous vehicle development. Beyond high expertise in failure based learning on the fly applications using artificial intelligence,  XR simulation made with the UVTK is highly anti motion sickness optimized. The modular software structure allows to support our customers in different industries facing individual simulation needs and challenges.


  • Providing New Demensions In Accurate Driving Simulations
  • Reducing Education Time Without Losing Quality Outputs
  • Enabling Faster Time To Market Of Autonomous And Automated Driving Systems


Technical Software Benefits

  • Anti motion sickness tools to cut down termination rates by 90%


  • Reduces time for the creation of local XR simulation up to 60 %


  • Enables the highly effective creation of human factor testing for autonomous driving and automated driving functions


  • Real time behavior analyses & driving data collecting