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Nekonata is a social impact focused venture with a cutting-edge virtual reality technology. The company’s main goal is to achieve Vision Zero – reducing the death rate on roads with a futuristic approach. We provide front-line expertise in the creation of virtual worlds and driving simulation.


Martin Wagner

Managing Partner

Martin is an experienced social entrepreneur, technology transfer expert and received diverse education programs in the field of entrepreneurship, like the European Innovation Academy (co-hosted by Stanford University and UC Berkeley), the Alpbach Summerschool for Entrepreneurship (co-hosted by Institute of Cambridge Tyrol and University of Cambridge), Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Vienna University of Business and Economics), entrepreneurship programs at HSG Sankt Gallen. After two years of supporting early stage founders with their concepts, the decision was to found the enterprise Nekonata.

Lukas Stranger

Partner Business Development

Lukas has a strong business background (built up an European brand in the field of cosmetics) and has experienced enormous growth at CELONIS, one of the most promising German IT startups in the field of software sales and account management. Furthermore, the startup spirit is based on a strong family background in business and a work ethic for high performance in the field of professional sports. After the first VR experience designed by Nekonata and a coworking experience at Vienna University of Business and Economics with Martin, Lukas joined the team and drives future growth of the business.


Patrick Kolar

VR Specialist

Patrick is passionate about safety and virtual reality since early days. His vision of helping people by designing driving training programs is based by a strong influence of his father, a former bus driver. Since early days in technical school, the idea of supporting driving education was developed, processes and codes were tested. Starting at university the concept was taken through a whole study as an use case. At the end of an academic career (University of Applied Sciences), his current master thesis covers a lot of insights and high-end knowledge in the field of simulator and motion sickness in driving applications. The design of experiences and finding technical solutions from scratch fits to.

Alex Kopciak

AI Specialist

Alex is a software engineering student currently finishing his master’s degree at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Poelten. Beside studying for university courses, he has already worked for two tech startups in Austria. Alex is passionate about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science and leads the debate by joining the latest online discussions and applying the knowledge at Nekonata.