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Our VR-Driving school-Assistant Motex offers driving lessons that would be too dangerous in real life, or happen to rarely to train them with a driving instructor. Motex allows to generate your local city, to train local situations, to leveragedata and design accident hotspots to prevent crashes, to train before the first driving lesson and to improve and reduce little mistakes after the first lesson.

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Lecatex enhances the customer experience by showing photorealistic views of the individual vehicle environments. We optimize the brand story of your vehicle by creating your individual virtual environment, for instance an offroad vehicle parcours for your SUV, an urban test driving experience for your city cars or a motorway for your sports car. Combined with our hardware kit, these immersive experience take place on the driving seat in a parked position. In addition, the diverse vehicle specifications (f.ex. driving physics, driving dynamics, skid behaviour, etc.) are transferred into the virtual environment. These highly emotional customer experiences supports you in the field of customer acquisition including a database of customer leads and gives your brand an outstanding image as an innovation leader.

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Tramenex gives you a low cost training for locomotive drivers and everybody involved in the railway transportation system. Especially with a continuous automation train operations, train drivers have to equipped with the right skill set in case of emergency and non-standard scenarios. Diverse scenarios and interior settings make an unique training experience and create a deep dive into the daily rail challenges of a train driver.

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