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Nekonata provides cutting-edge expertise in the creation of virtual worlds for driving education and automotive presales.

We craft immersive experiences with the ultimate goal to achieve VISION ZERO. Our products are:

MOTEX – the VR assistant for driving schools

LECATEX – the VR presales assistant

TRAMENEX – VR on rails


Our Universal Vehicle Training Framework (UVTF, own developed software) helps us build any kind of vehicle training program. We can arrange dangerous driving situations on the fly and generate experiences that help the driver to better understand traffic situations and minimize the risk of having a real accident.

Our Nekonata Hardware kit allows a quick installation in every vehicle. Using artificial intelligence drivers are trained and get the driving scenarios based on their individual risky driving behavior or customer profiles. Furthermore, diverse input methods for VR world creation allow us to focus on customers’ issues and decide based on our long-term experience in the field.

Our worldwide expert knowledge in the field of simulator sickness, development of virtual worlds and innovation management allows us to craft human-centered simulations to train employees, pupils or workers.

The core team has more than 20 years experience in VR applications and international cutting-edge expertise in the innovation field. This is shown in the constant development and finding of major issues in internationally successful established software and more than 20 passionate freelancers, who have already worked with us. If you want to join our team or work with us, please send us an inquiry.


What is Vision Zero?

Vision Zero is a multi-national road traffic safety project that aims to achieve a highway system with no fatalities or serious injuries involving road traffic.
Vision Zero is based on an underlying ethical principle that „it can never be ethically acceptable that people are killed or seriously injured when moving within the road transport system.“ As an ethics-based approach, Vision Zero functions to guide strategy selection and not to set particular goals or targets. In most road transport systems, road users bear complete responsibility for safety. Vision Zero changes this relationship by emphasizing that responsibility is shared by transportation system designers and road users. (Source: en.wikipedia.org)


Martin Wagner

Managing Partner

Martin is an experienced social entrepreneur, technology transfer expert and received diverse education programs in the field of entrepreneurship, like the European Innovation Academy (co-hosted by Stanford University and UC Berkeley), the Alpbach Summerschool for Entrepreneurship (co-hosted by Institute of Cambridge Tyrol and University of Cambridge), Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Vienna University of Business and Economics), entrepreneurship programs at HSG Sankt Gallen. After two years of supporting early stage founders with their concepts, the decision was to found the enterprise Nekonata.

Patrick Kolar

VR Specialist

Patrick is passionate about safety and virtual reality since early days. His vision of helping people by designing driving training programs is based by a strong influence of his father, a former bus driver. Since early days in technical school, the idea of supporting driving education was developed, processes and codes were tested. Starting at university the concept was taken through a whole study as an use case. At the end of an academic career (University of Applied Sciences), his current master thesis covers a lot of insights and high-end knowledge in the field of simulator and motion sickness in driving applications. The design of experiences and finding technical solutions from scratch fits to

Alex Kopciak

AI Specialist

Alex is a software engineering student currently finishing his master’s degree at the University of Applied Sciences in St. Poelten. Beside studying for university courses, he has already worked for two tech startups in Austria. Alex is passionate about Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science and leads the debate by joining the latest online discussions and applying the knowledge at Nekonata.

Lukas Stranger

Partner Business Development

Lukas has a strong business background (built up an European brand in the field of cosmetics) and has experienced enormous growth at CELONIS, one of the most promising German IT startups in the field of software sales and account management. Furthermore, the startup spirit is based on a strong family background in business and a work ethic for high performance in the field of professional sports. After the first VR experience designed by Nekonata and a coworking experience at Vienna University of Business and Economics with Martin, Lukas joined the team and drives future growth of the business



The VR assistent for driving schools

Our VR-Driving school-Assistant Motex offers driving lessons that would be too dangerous in real life, or happen to rarely to train them with a driving instructor. Motex allows to generate your local city, to train local situations, to leveragedata and design accident hotspots to prevent crashes, to train before the first driving lesson and to improve and reduce little mistakes after the first lesson.


the VR presales assistant

Lecatex enhances the customer experience by showing photorealistic views of the individual vehicle environments. We optimize the brand story of your vehicle by creating your individual virtual environment, for instance an offroad vehicle parcours for your SUV, an urban test driving experience for your city cars or a motorway for your sports car. Combined with our hardware kit, these immersive experience take place on the driving seat in a parked position. In addition, the diverse vehicle specifications (f.ex. driving physics, driving dynamics, skid behaviour, etc.) are transferred into the virtual environment. These highly emotional customer experiences supports you in the field of customer acquisition including a database of customer leads and gives your brand an outstanding image as an innovation leader.


VR on rails

Tramenex gives you a low cost training for locomotive drivers and everybody involved in the railway transportation system. Especially with a continuous automation train operations, train drivers have to equipped with the right skill set in case of emergency and non-standard scenarios. Diverse scenarios and interior settings make an unique training experience and create a deep dive into the daily rail challenges of a train driver.


Selected Startup Feb. 2018

3rd Place Pitching Vienna

1st Place Pitching

3rd Place Pitching

Top 500
2017 & 2016

Incubated Startup


The WU Entrepreneurship Center supported us with feedback sessions, access to infrastructure
(a booth) and external experts in the ideation phase

Pioneers gave us the possibility to exhibit at the tech conference in May 2017. Access to networks and diverse events like hackathons helped us to enhance our product experience.

The Open Rail Lab is a space, where innovations in the field of autonomous trains are tested. The environment with highly sophisticated industry leaders and
academic partners is a perfect place to be for Nekonata.

The CONVO Coworking space is our ideal workplace for our product in the South of Vienna. The ideal public transport connection (40 Minutes from City Centre of Vienna) allows us to escape from the city of Vienna and to work in a rural environment.

The „Kunstkanal“ is an association for creative people, where we developed our vision for the product and received a lot of feedback and supports from the interdisciplinary community.

Dreamacademia is a place, where we received support in the early stage phase of our product and met people with the right mindset to support our vision.

ACCENT is the incubator of the Universities of Applied Sciences in Upper Austria. We were selected by a jury for incubation and finished the program with an enormous track record.

railindustry.at presents Austrian companies and research organisations involved in the rail industry
railindustry.at is an online-platform initiated by the Austrian Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology (bmvit) to provide stakeholders from all over the world with an overview of the broad range of competences of the Austrian rail industry.

We are the first startup selected by THINKPORT Vienna. The innovative spirit and the collaboration in the Urban Innovation Lab open doors and projects in the field of digitization in the field of logistics.



Wiener Straße 13
2340 Mödling

E-Mail: contact@nekonata.at

Business inquiries: martin.wagner@nekonata.at