Nekonata provides cutting-edge expertise in the creation of virtual worlds for driving education and automotivepresales.

We craft immersive experiences with the ultimate goal to achieve VISION ZERO.
Our products are:

  • MOTEX – the VR assistant for driving schools
  • VENATOR – the VR presales assistant


The Team

Martin Wagner – Managing Partner & Innovation Expert – Cofounder
Patrick Kolar – Virtual Reality Expert & Enthusiast – Cofounder
Peter Kopciak – Artificial Intelligence Expert & Mad Scientist – Cofounder



     Proof of concept at an event with 170.000 people

     Exhibition at 30+ events.

     5000 customers drove in our virtual environment.

     over 1000 users sessions were scientifically evaluated.




What does Nekonata provide?

The Motex Hardware kit allows a quick installation of every vehicle. Using artificial intelligence drivers are trained and get the driving scenarios based on their individual risky driving behavior or customer profiles.

Our worldwide expert knowledge in the field of simulator sickness, development of virtual worlds and innovation management allows us to craft human-centered simulations to train employees, pupils or workers.

Our Universal Vehicle Training Framework (own developed software) helps us build any kind of vehicle simulator. We can arrange dangerous driving situations on the fly and generate experiences that help the driver to better understand traffic and minimize the risk of having a real accident.

The core team has more than 20 years experience in VR applications and international cutting-edge expertise. This is shown in the constant development and finding of major issues in international successful established software.

& more than 20 passionate freelancers, who have already worked with us. If you want to join our team or work on a project with us, please send us an inquiry


Our supporters

We are the first startup selected by THINKPORT Vienna. The innovative spirit and the collaboration in the Urban Innovation Lab open doors and projects in the field of digitization in the field of logistics.
The Open Rail Lab is a space, where innovations in the field of autonomous trains are tested. The environment with highly sophisticated industry leaders and academic partners is a perfect place to be for Nekonata.
Pioneers gave us the possibility to exhibit at the tech conference in May 2017. Access to networks and diverse events like hackathons helped us to enhance our product experience.
The CONVO Coworking space is our ideal workplace for our product in the South of Vienna. The ideal public transport connection (40 Minutes from City Centre of Vienna) allows us to escape from the city of Vienna and to work in a rural environment.
The „Kunstkanal“ is an association for creative people, where we developed our vision for the product and received a lot of feedback and supports from the interdisciplinary community.
The WU Entrepreneurship Center supported us with feedback sessions, access to infrastructure (a booth) and external experts in the ideation phase
ACCENT is the incubator of the Universities of Applied Sciences in Upper Austria. We were selected by a jury for incubation and finished the program with an enormous track record.
Dreamacademia is a place, where we received support in the early stage phase of our product and met people with the right mindset to support our vision.


  Where to find us?

Nekonata GesbR
„Virtual Reality Test Drives and Driving Lessons“
Wienerstr. 13
A-2340 Mödling